Welcome to my Website

Ya hello!!  Admin Rai here!

At first I wanted to make a website where people could get really amazing Pokemon for a really cheap price but overtime nobody really wanted to pay for pokemon so i got no visitors but, with a little change of mind for me to actually put in work to this site, I’ve decided that this site would just be a showcase of my best works with pokemon, where I can showcase rare competitive pokemon. Also I would also like to post some of my best builds from this mobile game called Fire Emblem Heroes.

Hope you guys enjoy 🙂

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  1. Yeah people paying for Pokemons doesn’t really happen anymore as far as I know. That was something that happened more in the earlier days but I’m sure there’s some pockets of the internet that are holding out, if you find a subreddit for it or something I’m sure you can sell some still.

    And I thought I came to the wrong site at first but no it’s an actual Pokemon blog. The nostalgia hit me hard and I feel like playing that browser Pokemon game again. I think it was called Pokemon Indigo? Something like that but I remember taking turns on the computer with my brothers to play it, we really did spend way too much time on that game lol.

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