New Content and Introduction

Hey guys so,  I have decided to add new content here, from a mobile game called Fire Emblem heroes and in this game, you collect your favorite units and sacrifice other units to make your unit the most powerful it can be by giving skills from other units.

Here are a few examples of my best units. Enjoy 🙂

This is Tibarn he is what you call a beast type unit and when alone or with other beast units he can transform, when he transforms he can travel across maps and decimate opponents  With his signature A Skill Sturdy Impact ,adds +10 to atk stat and  +8 to def if he initiates  combat with opponent. Hit and run allows him to back away from the opponent right after attacking allowing a singer or dancer to give him a second turn. His special skill galeforce takes 5 actions to charge if he can double in combat he should be able to proc Galeforce allowing him to make a second move letting him do more damage to the opponent or take out multiple opponents. His c skill Even atk Wave gives him +6 in attack on even turns giving him alot of room for one hit kills. His s skill Iote’s Shield negates he super effective from archer units allowing him to survive more units in the game.

Here is the possessed Robin, he is possessed by a dragon therefore making him a dragon, in the game he is a dragon armored unit giving him a high attack stat as well as a decently high defense stat allowing him to tank units that do physical damage, his a skill steady breath allows him to be able to proc his special ,Aether. His b skill vengeful fighter also allows him to take hits and proc his special. His special Aether allows him heal 50 % of the damage he deals and treats foes def and res as if it were 50 %. His c skill ward dragons lets him boost up fellow dragon units with +4 def and res. His s skill brazen atk/def adds atk /def +5 when he is below the 80% hp threshold.


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