Fly/Surf Pikachu and Shiny Manaphy

These two pokemon are the most rare pokemon in the series! The fly and surf pikachu was first introduced in gen 1 but couldn’t be transferred to the recent games because of HM restrictions but a fly and surf Pikachu was released again for ORAS in Japan and only in Japan. The Manaphy is from Pokemon Ranger and you could only get 1 per game and trying for a shiny was the hardest thing possible.

Mew and Mewtwo

These two are the notorious #150 and #151 in the pokedex and both are shiny and have perfect ivs and are ev trained and ready for battle and there also legal to be used in tournaments as well as online battles.

Lati Twins

Featuring shiny latios and latias with its respective mega stones as well as perfect ivs and competitive stats meaning its evs are maxed out as well. If yah wanna snag these two comment down below ur email for inquiry ;D

Gen 2: Gold and Silver Birds

These two legendaries are from the original Gold and Silver : Lugia and Ho-Oh

The two shown in the picture are special because their from a GBA game meaning they have a gameboy sticker that proves. Both Pokemon also have their hidden abilities and are shiny as well has have perfect ivs and are ev trained to be competitive. They have Pkrus which you can spread by putting into your team and it doubles the amount of evs you get from each pokemon battled.

Welcome to my Website

Ya hello!!  Admin Rai here!

At first I wanted to make a website where people could get really amazing Pokemon for a really cheap price but overtime nobody really wanted to pay for pokemon so i got no visitors but, with a little change of mind for me to actually put in work to this site, I’ve decided that this site would just be a showcase of my best works with pokemon, where I can showcase rare competitive pokemon. Also I would also like to post some of my best builds from this mobile game called Fire Emblem Heroes.

Hope you guys enjoy 🙂